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Frequently Asked Questions about our Luggage Delivery Services

The following details are provided in order to give you a quick reference as to how to make a booking, the types of items delivered and the standard collection/delivery times

Making a reservation online.

Click on the Bookings option, select your luggage delivery zone (US or UK Domestic or International services). You will now have to select from the boxes displayed to ascertain the service type, collection and delivery regions, date of collection (and time for UK Domestic) and the type and amount of luggage to be delivered. If you are unsure of the luggage selection to apply please use the Luggage Calculator to determine this.
Once this is completed you will be supplied with a rate for your acceptance. If you wish to proceed with the booking either login OR complete the login process and you will be able to complete the collection and delivery address details (and in the case of a return trip service, the return collection date).
Once this is completed you will be viewing a Confirmation Page, which will allow you to review all your details prior to making payment. Please make your amendments, as required, and then proceed to the payment page. Payment is made via a Secure Server for your security. Once this has been completed you will receive an Order Confirmation email outlining your order. Luggage travel documentation will be issued to you as required, prior to the specified collection day. Once the luggage has been collected we will track the item(s) through to delivery. In the case of a round trip service we will have issued you with return trip documents, and the process is repeated in the same manner.

What are the Transit Times for the UK Domestic and the EU Economy Service?

Transit times for UK Domestic Services and from the UK to the countries below (and vice-versa) are as follows (all days are business days and do not include weekends or public holidays, for which there are no services available).

UK domestic service – 1-2 business days (Aberdeen & Highlands 2-4 days) after collection day.

UK to USA – 1-3 days after collection day.

UK to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg - 2 to 4 days after collection day.

UK to Italy, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Finland, Hungary, Sweden 3 to 5 days: for Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia (Cities/towns only) - 3 to 5 days: Greece 7-10 days after collection day.

UK to Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway 4-6 days after collection day.

Wherever Customs/Security checks are undertaken, transit times may be lengthened. Please remember that there are NO SERVICES at weekends or any Public Holiday.

Do you provide services to and from Schools and Universities (including Halls of Residence)?

Yes, we do. With these collections you must ensure that your luggage has been correctly packed and labelled (your name and destination address on two sides of each item). We recommend that your luggage is left with either the reception or Porters Lodge and that you advise them that a courier will be collecting on your behalf and to expect the collection. Also, ensure that your items are ready and available well before, as leaving things until the last minute may incur a failed collection attempt and further cost for a new collection attempt, the following day. Student Discount codes SUD10, SUD15, LLD101, SCA101 or DSA101 apply to all UK mainland services.

Do you provide packing materials?

Sorry, we are unable to provide you with packing materials (boxes, tapes etc.) but here is a link to a possible provider (we are in no way affiliated with this business) Book here

Do you deliver to Cruise Ships?

Yes we do, however you will need to verify this with us PRIOR to placing your reservation, as deliveries usually require a bespoke service quote, for security, in order to get your luggage on and off the ship at the port. Carrymyluggage will deliver to the Cruise ship handling agent(s) only, in all instances. Please contact us for verification.

What is the maximum weight allowance per piece?

Health & Safety legislation determines that no one piece/item may weigh more than 30kgs (Trunks max weight is 40kgs with maximum combined dims of 184cms - length + width + height). Any item overweight may be refused delivery and may cause serious delays to your order. Sports Luggage item allowances are 12kgs for skis & boots, 15kgs for Small item(UK Domestic only & golf clubs, 20kgs Medium item or snowboard in a 'Burton Bag', 25kgs Large Item and 30kgs X Large item. Ski Packages - 2 Persons maximum total weight of 70kgs (including skis & boots) - 4 Persons maximum total weight of 105kgs (including skis & boots). All ski packages are limited to one per collection address. All skis must be in a double ski bag for 2 OR 4 person orders. Each item MUST be able to be lifted by an individual.

Do I need to label items?

In all instances we recommend that every item has your name and destination address clearly, and firmly, attached to each item on two sides. We endeavour to provide our own ID labels, where time allows, but labelling of each item is the responsibility of the client. Any item that is not clearly identifiable may incur delays.

Can I have my luggage picked up or delivered on weekends?

We operate our standard luggage delivery service between Monday and Friday 9am-5pm but we are able to facilitate bespoke bookings, for weekends, upon request (additional fees will apply).

How long does a delivery take?

For UK domestic we provide next business day delivery to the UK mainland (except Aberdeen & Scottish Highlands, which is 2-4 business days after collection). Priority Service for EU and USA deliveries are within 1-3 business (times may vary if any Customs or Security checks are applied)- our EU Economy Service varies from between 2-7 days (depending on your final destination) - please contact us prior to booking if you are unsure of your collection date. Please note that we do not provide storage of items on any of our services. This may be arranged at extra cost by contacting us before making your booking.

Do you collect or deliver to Airport, Rail or Bus Terminals?

We are able to provide collections from Heathrow as a bespoke service only (additional fees will apply; please enquire via our Contact page). Services at all other airports and rail/bus terminals are unavailable due to security restrictions.

Does Carrymyluggage offer insurance coverage?

In the unlikely event of loss or damage, Carrymyluggage will provide insurance, up to the maximum of £150.00 for luggage contents only (NOT LUGGAGE), upon the completion of the necessary claim form, and after thorough investigation into any such incident, for each delivery/consignment (whether single OR multiple pieces shipped). Our EU Economy service provides cover of £50.00 for contents only (limited to one claim per shipment).

Also, did you know that many airlines only accept sporting equipment on a 'Limited Release' basis, which can mean that you will receive no compensation for loss, damage or delay of your Golf Clubs, Skis, Snowboards or other items of equipment. Carrymyluggage also recommends that clients always have adequate insurance when travelling.

Carrymyluggage does not accept liability for certain fragile items including, but not limited to, electronic equipment, musical instruments, jewellery, antiques, incorrectly or inadequately packed items, gifts, artwork or any item that breaches our current Terms and Conditions or any Unacceptable Items (see 'Unacceptable Items' list on the Booking page). All claims MUST be made in writing (emails accepted) to Carrymyluggage.com within 7 business days, and any damage must have been recorded with the delivering agent, at the time of delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact page OR by telephone our General Enquiries department on 0870 116 4892.

I need an URGENT delivery! What can I do?

Please contact Carry my luggage by telephone 0845 009 0362 and speak with one of our Customer Service Team.

More in depth FAQ's

How does the Carrymyluggage.com system work?

Carrymyluggage will pick up your sporting equipment and/or luggage at your home or office, and have it delivered to your hotel, resort or other destination. Using our online booking facility, enter information about your required pickup and delivery dates and locations, and Carrymyluggage will arrange for everything to happen on schedule. Carrymyluggage works with globally recognised partners to 'ensure your items arrive at your destination on time. Personalized email notifications will be sent to you and your destination, keeping you informed every step of the way.

What items can I send through Carrymyluggage.com?

You may send personal effects only, being clothing, footwear and Sporting Equipment as specified by your luggage selection (Skis, Snowboard, Golf Clubs etc). We will also accept books and documents of a non-commercial or educational nature however these items would not be covered under our insurance. We do not accept liability for Gifts packed in luggage or any item that breaches any of our Terms and Conditions. For a list of restricted Items please refer to the link on our Booking Page section.

Why do I need to register in order to make a booking?

By registering with us your collection details appear whenever you make a booking, thereby saving you time. Whilst we store your details we DO NOT sell our database OR use it to send spam of any kind, and that's a promise

How do I pay Carrymyluggage?

You may complete your booking online, via our secure payment facility, OR telephone our Reservations line on 0845 009 0362 and they will guide you through the process. Our secure online facility provides the option to pay in many currencies, so while the pricing option appears in £'s you can select payment to be in your home currency at the final stage of booking, before you place your reservation.

Does the weight of my bag(s) or travel case(s) matter?

Carrymyluggage allows up to 12kgs for pair of Ski Boots & Skis (including poles), 20kgs for Snowboards & Boots in bags (measured against Burton Snowboard bag), up to 15kgs for Pushchairs & Golf Clubs and Suitcases at three different weights, being Medium Size 20kgs, Large Size 25kgs, Extra Large 30kgs and Trunks 40kgs (max total dims for Trunks is 184cms - length + width + height). If you have an item that is not shown, or you have multiple items to send, please use the Contact Us page to detail your requirements, including your collection and delivery details, and we will provide you with the necessary information. You may also use our 'Luggage Calculator', available on the 'Booking' page. Enter your luggage dimensions (in centimetres) and the respective selection will be provided. In some instances small suitcases will be identified as 'Golf Clubs or Snowboard'. If this occurs select this option and then enter Small Suitcase in the 'special instructions' box on the booking page(the weight given is not a guarantee of actual weight or the rate applied - call for details if you are unsure).

NB: Although rare, sometimes the dimensional weight of an item can exceed your specified weight allowance. Please note that maximum size of any luggage item is 30kgs per piece (whether in actual weight or by volume - our luggage calculator, on the booking page, will provide you with a guide). Please call us on 0845 009 0362 if you are unsure and we will supply you with the rate for that particular piece. For more information please see our Terms of Use Agreement. Excess weight is charged at £5.00 per kilo for International deliveries and £2.50 per kilo for all UK Domestic deliveries (plus VAT where applicable)

Do you collect and deliver Wheelchairs?

Yes, we can, however only for UK Domestic deliveries and all chairs must be folding types and in a protective cover (not supplied). In addition, we can carry certain types of collapsable hoist, which must again be in protective carrying holders (not supplied). Please contact us through the Contact page for rates on these items. Please note that the maximum weight of any one piece may not exceed 30kgs. Any piece exceeding this weight limit may be refused carriage.

Do you collect and deliver Parcels?

Yes, we collect and deliver parcels for UK Domestic deliveries. Please contact us through the Contact page for rates on these items. Please note that the maximum weight per parcel is 25kgs. Any item exceeding this weight limit may be refused carriage.

Who should I contact with questions/queries about my delivery order?

To ensure the most rapid response to any question or concern regarding your order, please contact Carrymyluggage directly via our Contact Us page OR call us on 0845 009 0362.

How far in advance should I make my reservations?

If your collection is within the UK we can arrange collection for the next business day, for the EU we recommend booking at least 7 Business Days* (EU Economy 10 days) prior to your required luggage collection date; for other worldwide collection points we recommend making your booking at least 14 Business Days* prior to your luggage collection date.

Carrymyluggage also requires a luggage collection date at least 1 business days prior to your date of travel for UK destinations,2-4 business days prior to your date of travel for EU Priority destinations, 2-6 days for EU Economy Destinations (depending on how for the destination country is from the UK -Please see our News section for advice) and 6-10 business days for other destinations. Collections for your return journey will be made on the day of departure from your resort, hotel or villa and arrive back to your designated address within 5-10 business days*.

*Service options may vary by availability and location, please contact us if you are unsure. Weekend services are not currently available.

I’m sending my luggage and sports equipment to a hotel, villa or resort. Where do I specify the name of the hotel, villa or resort?

Enter the name of the hotel, villa or resort you’re staying at in the 'Address 1' field of the destination section. Enter your name in either the 'Special Instructions' field or in the 'reservation reference' (if you do not have a reservation number to quote), followed by the word “Guest”, (i.e. Guest J Brown). Do not use commas or other punctuation marks.

What type of travel case do I need to have my sporting equipment or luggage delivered?

Many customers use a padded nylon ski bag, snowboard bag, or golf club travel cover for delivery.Carry my luggage assumes that each customer has their own appropriate, durable travel case for the pick-up and delivery of their items.

Does Carrymyluggage pack my sports equipment?

No, but if you need advice on preparing sports equipment or other items for delivery our Customer Service Team are available to assist you with any travel and packing related questions. Equipment or luggage should be packed and ready for delivery on the day of your scheduled luggage collection.

Should I secure my luggage?

Always have your own identification tag on each bag/travel case. For added protection you may also wish to place identification inside each bag/travel case. Secure closed bags/cases with a lock or plastic zip tie if travelling but please note that items may be required for screening at any point and locked items may be opened by security personnel at any time (they will force open locks if they see fit). Regarding sporting equipment (Ski's, Snowboards or Golf Clubs) if you are using a soft-sided case or nylon travel bag, place some padding around your items (please use non-essential items), but be careful not to over-stuff.

Should I use clothing or other items as padding my sports equipment?

Whilst this may seem like a good idea it would be more sensible to ‘pad’ this type of equipment with more ‘non-essential’ items. Do not, for example, use ski jackets or other clothing for this purpose. Be careful not to over-stuff bags or soft-sided cases as this can cause problems in the shipping process and increase the weight allowance, for which you will be charged.
NOTE: Carry my luggage cannot accept liability for the loss, damage or delay of clothing packed with sports equipment.

Am I required to fill out a label/form?

We will provide pre-printed Air Waybill labels to affix to each item of luggage. You may be required to complete some Customs entry forms or simple packing lists, which will be supplied to you before collection of your luggage. Please ensure that all documents (packing lists, customs forms and Airway Bills) are placed into the wallet provided BEFORE collection and that the wallet is secured to the luggage item.

If I am unavailable, can my luggage be collected/delivered from/to my specified address without it being signed for?

Yes, but only for UK deliveries (not collections) at present. We would require this instruction from you when you make your booking with us (please complete details in the 'Special Instructions' box accordingly) telling us where the items are to be found and where they are to be delivered I.E. 'Rear of house' 'With neighbour' etc . You MUST leave a signature of release in all instances (a letter to the collecting agent showing your name, address and the issued waybill number, as well as the date, instructions as to where the item(s) will be and signed by you. Your items will only be insured when we have received confirmation of collection, via our POC/POD systems and only while they are with the delivering agent.

I work at a large company or in a large office building. How can I schedule a pickup at work?

Within the booking page you have the option to provide additional details. If you wish for your luggage to be collected from an address different from your 'Login' details you would specify the details here. If you are still unsure please contact Carrymyluggage.com on 0845 009 0362.

What happens if my delivery order is delayed?

Due to Carrymyluggage's ability to "flag" orders that may have fallen behind schedule, and take corrective action, delayed orders are a rare occurrence, but sometimes despite our best efforts they can still occur. If an order is delayed we will provide support and make arrangements to minimize any impact to your travel experience. If you are still unsure please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

What happens if my delivery order is damaged?

Claims for lost or damaged items must be made, in writing, within 7 days of the delivery day AND ONLY WHERE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SIGNED FOR AS DAMAGED UPON DELIVERY/RECEIPT. You will be required to keep all original packaging in the event of a damage claim, send a copy of the delivery note, clearly indicating that items were delivered as damaged. Claims only apply to the luggage contents and not the actual luggage/container, in all instances. Please direct any damage or lost items claims to Carrymyluggage.com Limited or call us on 0845 009 0362.

Why can I not see certain destinations available for luggage delivery?

Certain countries have very strict controls as to what they allow to be imported via our logistics network, textiles (clothing) being one such item. These countries require textiles (new and used clothing) to be held for lengthy periods of time within Customs storage facilities, which can lead to unacceptable delays in delivery.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Carrymyluggage will charge a cancellation fee, to cover administrative charges, of £15.00 for UK transactions and £25.00 for other destinations.

What are the expected delivery times?

UK delivery times are next business day (Monday - Friday only, excepting Public Holidays) for all regions except Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and serviced offshore islands (which is 2-3 days after the collection date). EU delivery times are generally within 3 business days after collection for the Priority Service(remote regions, such as alpine resorts require an additional 2 business days) and 2-6 days (depending on how far your destination is from the UK) for EU Economy Service, non EU deliveries require a minimum of 3-7 business days (again, depending on how far your destination is from the UK), USA domestic deliveries are 1-2 business days, USA mainland deliveries (from UK) are 4-5 days and all other global zones are 7-10 business days. Return deliveries may sometimes require additional 1-2 days for Customs clearance procedures. All deliveries are based on business days and do not include the day of collection or weekends. Weekend collection and delivery is not currently available for International deliveries.

What happens if no-one is available to accept my luggage delivery?

Should this occur, we would verify the reason for non-delivery of your luggage and re-schedule a delivery for the following day. In such instances you will be left a calling card by the delivering agent, advising you of attempted delivery. A second attempt will be made on the next business day.

Do you deliver furniture?

We can move certain items via a bespoke service but not house removals. Please Contact us for details


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